• Meat viande

    • "Tomahawk" European seed ribs about 1 kg

      "Tomahawk" European seed ribs about 1 kg

      750 g 8,900 yen - (9,612 yen)

      Ribulose is characterized by good fatty and soft meat quality. Extract of umami that comes out of bone penetrates into the meat. The arrival status varies depending on the day in grams. You can enjoy it with blue cheese sauce, pepper sauce and onion sauce as you like.

      Baked without bones and baked up daringly. It is also a feature that you can eat while adjusting grilling freely on the hot stone freely. "

    • Horse tartar steak

      Horse tartar steak

      1,800 yen (1,944 yen)

      "Tartar steak of raw horse meat, which is said to be the origin of tartar steak, please enjoy after mixing all the condiments that accompany it.

      The condiment is ketchup / mustard / caper / cornichon / early red / parsley.

      The moment of doubting the eyes as "Eh? So much?", But at the moment of inclusion in the mouth, it changes to an unforgettable taste.

      You can enjoy combinations that are favorite and eaten in authentic France with Sakure Fleur. "

    • French Charoles beef shoulder roace

      French Charoles beef shoulder roace

      1,800 yen (1,944 yen)

      "The greatest characteristic of the Charolée cow originating from the village of Baroque in Charol is the fineness of its fiber.

      Even though there is little fat, it is soft. Their flesh tells everything. 150 g ¥ 1,900 (¥ 2,052)

      300 g 3,600 yen (3,888 yen)

      2 pounds 9,000 yen (9,720 yen) "

    • Braised pork shanks with malon sauce lens beans

      Braised pork shanks with malon sauce lens beans

      1,800 yen (1,944 yen)

      "A classic bistro menu, boiled over pork shank meat that I made salted for 5 days, baking it for a while, baking a little bit on the skin to finish it.

      Serve with sweet sauce.

      It is one dish where you can feel meat meat with plenty of collagen. "

    • Confit roast onion of chicken thigh meat

      Confit roast onion of chicken thigh meat

      1,400 yen (1,512 yen)

      "Slowly slowly cooked until it softens with low temperature grease and finished the skin to crisp.If you put a knife, the honey and meat will collapse.

      Please enjoy a different texture with baked meat. "

    • Gwynuille with Poire Creamy Mashed Potatoes

      Gwynuille with Poire Creamy Mashed Potatoes

      1,100 yen (1,188 yen)

      "Frog cooked with garlic with good companion, with parsley.

      Mashed potato can catch the taste of meat and sauce and enjoy it until the last bite. "

  • Tartar tartar

    • Tartar with tomato and mozzarella cheese

      Tartar with tomato and mozzarella cheese

      ¥ 780 (¥ 842)

      "Tarutar is perfect for appetizer before meat dish.

      Although the combination seems to be Caprese, although it is a completely new different taste

      Roast taste. Serve with homemade crackers. "

    • Salmon and Orange Tartaru

      Salmon and Orange Tartaru

      ¥ 780 (¥ 842)

      "A fresh tartar is proposed before the main meat dish.

      A rich sweet Norwegian salmon has excellent compatibility with citrus fruits.

      Virgin olive oil, Early red, capa ... Olive acidity and sweetness match well with greasy salmon. "

    • Blue cheese and walnut tartar

      Blue cheese and walnut tartar

      ¥ 780 (¥ 842)

      "It is tartar seasoned with honey that is compatible with blue cheese and walnuts.

      It is a combination of steel plates which also has the hidden taste of apple.

      It goes well with homemade crackers. "

  • Soup soupe

    • Escargot cream boiled casserole tailoring

      Escargot cream boiled casserole tailoring

      1,100 yen (1,188 yen)

      "Burgundy region is one of the famous local cuisines.

      Not a standard Escargot butter, boiled with cream flavored with Calvados. "

    • Claim de Mais

      Claim de Mais

      580 yen (626 yen)

      "Corn potage, which is one of three big soup in France, along with Consomme and Bouilla base, please drink melted whipped cream.

      I am happy that I can drink a full - fledged corn potage at this price!

    • Traditional onion soup

      Traditional onion soup

      580 yen (626 yen)

      "A soup of the common people who is said to have been born in a brasserie in Real in Paris.

      It is an onion soup "Eat" that contains plenty of onion sauteed over time. "

  • Dessert dessert

    • Creme brulee

      Creme brulee

      580 yen (626 yen)

      Classically I use vanilla beans abundantly and add a scent. A classic sweet cheerful boom in the movie "Amelie". The vicinity of the head office in Paris is the stage.

    • Crapezuette


      580 yen (626 yen)

      "Classical dessert that was born in 1895.

      It is a little bitter dessert with crepe dough sucking orange juice boiled down with orange peel and flavored with orange liqueur.


    • Fondant Chocolat

      Fondant Chocolat

      630 yen (680 yen)

      "We will prepare the freshly baked cook for about 10 minutes after receiving the order.

      Because it will not burn to the center, chocolate sauce that comes out with a tortoise from a warm cloth when you divide it in half. It is a delicious dessert for the eyes. "

    • Tartathan


      630 yen (680 yen)

      "Baked apples baked from apple pie that failed in the hotel" Tatan "in the late 19th century. It is a good secret to scorch sugar firmly.

      I will scorch caramel around like this home! That is the deciding factor of the authentic taste!