• Beer (Beer)

    • Suntory Premium Malts

      550 yen

    • Kronenburg (France)

      780 yen

    • Bus · Pale Ale (UK)

      680 yen

    • Hoegaarden Brewery (Belgium)

      780 yen

  • Sour / Highball (Shothu Cocktails & Whisky High Ball)

    • Wakayama prefecture Kannonama raw squeezed lemon sour

      530 yen

    • La france sour with flesh

      530 yen

    • Fruit grape sour

      530 yen

    • Corner highball

      450 yen

    • Jim · Beam Highball

      450 yen

  • Sangria (Sangria)

    • Phrase Sangria (strawberry)

      580 yen

    • Poir Sangria (La France)

      580 yen

    • Pessha Sangria (peach)

      580 yen

  • Soft drink (Beverage)

    • Black oolong tea

      350 yen

    • Jasmine tea

      350 yen

    • Squeegee grapefruit juice

      400 yen

    • Orangina

      350 yen

    • Perrier

      480 yen

  • Wine white

    • Domaine · Paul · Mas Claude · Val Blanc

      2900 yen

      White wine expressing the rich climate of the Buddha.Citrus fresh scent, rounded acidity and gentle throat.

    • Pierre Laplace Aramis Blanc

      2900 yen

      Volume, rich fruit taste, depth spreading in the mouth.One bottle informed of the terribleness of the local grape "Colombar".

    • M. Shaptier Pay-Dock Blanc

      3500 yen

      The prestigious prestige in the prestige of Rhone, Shaputier.Despite being an introduction class product, this balance is brilliant.

    • Charles · Moget Chardonnay

      3500 yen

      Our sommelier buying wine.Relaxing acid due to barrel aging, powerful fruit taste like South French.I think that I like it.

    • Chateau La Rose du Pin

      3900 yen

      With white wine from Bordeaux, you can make such a charming white wine.A little surprised.

    • M. Shaputier Luberon Blanche Chevaliers

      3900 yen

      White flowers and honey.There are lemon and tropical fruits.It is a dry white wine with a sensual scent.

  • Wine red

    • Les Granity ale Rouge

      2900 yen

      Super wines from South France that earn medals every year.The fragrance like jam made from ripe strawberries is charming.

    • Alma · Celsius Chevalier de Queyus Cabernet · Sauvignon Vieille · Vigne

      2900 yen

      I won a gold medal at a wine competition throughout France as a southern France wine.Casser nuances in the powerful fruit of Cabernet Sauvignon.

    • Château Moulins de la Rinieres 2009

      3900 yen

      2009 is the Great Vintage has drunk! When combined with the steak you oral blossoms will visit.

    • Jean · Claude · Masso · Pinot · Noir · Reserve

      3900 yen

      Owned oak barrels carefully selected Pinot Noir.Elegant aromas such as ripe cherries and strawberry jams.

    • Chateau Vieux Betty 2000

      4900 yen

      Indeed the 2000 year vintage! A rare treasure that the owner of the chateau had been matured for a long time.Youth and aged flavor coexist.

    • Chateau Au Bezac 2009

      5900 yen

      Year of year 2009.Oh - Medoc.Winner of the Bordeaux Competition Gold Prize.Along with red meat ... Oh, Yodare.