Traditional course

tax included

Taruta steaks and Sharukutryu of horsemeat reproducing the taste of the head office in Paris, main leaves with fillets of rare short-length beef which can take only 1 to 3% are prepared with charcoal grill. Please enjoy traditional bistro cuisine and original meat of lean meat.

Traditional course

【Appetizer】 3 varieties of Schalculley platter

Homemade domestically produced swine with roast ham carrot rapes

Authentic Pate do Campagne

French-made ham Jean Bond · Bayonne

【Tartar】 Classic tartar steak with horse meat

Reproduce the same taste as Paris head office! Classical French tartar.

【Heated food】 Escargot's Burgundy style

【Salad】 Tomato and mozzarella salad balsamico dressing

【Main】 Australian short-length cow rare fillet cooked fire

Please enjoy softness which can not be thought of as lean, taste full of red meat intrinsic taste.

【De-sale】 Handmade Cream Brulee