Tomahawk course

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Sacred Fleur specialty! It is a course that you can fully enjoy "Tomahawk" with bones.Taste of meat with bone ,,, Carnivorous There is a chunk of meat requested by men and women here.Please dedicate yourself to the carnivorous man and woman, about 1 kg bone-attached loin "Tomahawk"!

Tomahawk course
【Appetizer】 Assorted domestic pig homemade roast ham and beef ham

【Tartar】 Classic tartar steak with horse meat
Reproduce the same taste as Paris head office! Classical French tartar.

【Heated dishes】 Oyama chicken and Asarishi Vapur

【Salad】 Simple green salad balsamic dressing
【Main】 Specialties! "Tomahawk" bone ribbed charcoal grilling
【De-sale】 Handmade Cream Brulee