Classic course

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Sakura Fleur We will deliver charcoal grilling of French Charolée beef at a volume of 150 g per person, with horse meat tartar steak and homemade roast ham reproducing the same flavor as Paris head office. Please enjoy traditional bistro cuisine.

We will prepare cuisine according to your budget, so please feel free to contact us.

Classic course

【Appetizer】 Domestic swine's homemade roast ham carrot lappy

【Tartar】 Classic tartar steak with horse meat

Reproduce the same taste as Paris head office! Classical French tartar.

[Heating] Domestic chicken and white kidney bean curd

【Salad】 Simple green salad

【Main】 France's oldest beef cattle "Charolée cattle" Shoulder loin charcoal grilling

【De-sale】 Handmade Cream Brulee